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Broadcast Schedule

Featuring the best eclectic music throughout your week from the heart of London, to the soul of the world!
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8:00am South Road Cellar with Scott Turner
10:00am Ham Yard Stew with Guy Joseph
12:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
2:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
4:00pm Randy J and DJ Mel
6:00pm Eclectic Beats
 with Rui Fradinho
8:00pm Monday Night Soul Affair with Lynden J
10:00pm LMC in the Soul Lounge
12:00am DJ Corny


8:00am Back2BackFM Mix
10:00am Soul Brother Choones
1.00pm The Spun Radio Show with Cem and Jamie
3:00pm Soulmaster T
5:00pm Funksy
7.00pm Tuesday Stew with Tom Funk
9.00pm DJ Mastakut
11:00pm Will Johnson
01:00am Back2BackFM Through the Night


8:00am Back2BackFM Mix
10:00am Back2BackFM Mix
12:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
2:00pm Make You Move with Lenny F
4:00pm The Face with Kurtis Powers
6:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
8:00m Good Groove Wedneday with Colsie
10:00pm Good Groove Wednesday with M Groove
12:00am Back2BackFM Mix


8:00am Back2BackFM Mix
10:00am Detroit Executive Show with Ian Jackson
12:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
2:00pm Halo / Deep Tenor City / Nick Blow /
4:00pm Soul Brother Choones
6:00pm DJ Sammee
8:00pm The Waves Show with PaulSki
10:00pm Jazz Spectrum with Kylson or PMG
12:00am Back2BackFM Through the Night


8:00am Back2BackFM Mix
10:00am Dugout On the Radio with Jon Dabner
12:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
2:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
4:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
6:00pm Back2BackFM Mix
8:00pm Paul C
10:00pm Rushen
12:00am Sugar Radio Show with Wayne C McDonald


8:00am Duvet Rustling Jazz with AlanMcK
10:00am 'Too Funky Show' with Patrick Steele
12:00pm Saturday Soul Show with DJ Arn
2:00pm DJ Clayton
4:00pm DJ Mr. Kay
6:00pm Floyd Patterson
8:00pm Saturday Night Block Party with DJ Def K
10:00pm Andy Ten Pints
12:00am Back2BackFM Through the Night


8:00am Back2BackFM Mix
11:00am Soul Classics with Stevie D
1:00pm Vintage Sounds with Don Pascal
3:00pm Rice and Peas Soulection with Aitch B
5:00pm Tony Mad Hatter & DJ Miracle
7:00pm Musical Fever with Maharishi Hi-Fi
9:00pm AfroGroove
12:00am Duvet Rustling Jazz with AlanMcK (Replay)
2:00am Back2BackFM Through the Night