DJ Ian Jackson

Detroit Executive Show

Bringing 36 years of DJ experience to the airwaves, playing 60s soul, Northern soul, some Latin soul, funk, hard stuff, cool stuff, and what-the-hell-was-that stuff. It's a LIVE SHOW so hang on to your brains!

About Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson started collecting records in 1979 while getting into 2tone, Blue Beat, and other ska-revival acts. By the early 80s his professional DJ career was in full swing as he played Motown, Stax, and vintage soul to London clubs goers. As his passion for Northern soul continued to grow, Ian began playing mod rallies for the late Tony Class, as well as other Northern soul and mod clubs and events outside London. During this time he also started hosting radio shows on Swinging Radio England, expanding his already vast reach. By the mid 90s Ian was DJing Blow Up, playing 60s and 70s soul, Latin, ska, reggae and funk while also traveling abroad making appearances in clubs on the mod and Northern soul scene. In 2014 he began participating in guest shows for Stephen Taw, which eventually motivated him to leave Blow Up so the two could run Breaking Point together.

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