The Advanced Mix Show

Saturday | 20:00 - 22:00

Come Join me for 2 hours of fun an frolics with my mix and blend selection, of Funky & Soulful House flava's to set you up nice for the weekend,

About DJ Mr. H

Well music is always been in my blood. Playing instruments such as guitar, keys and drums. The progression into dj-ing was another step up. I used to run a vinyl pressing plant and mastering house, mastering tracks and pressing records for the likes of Joey Negro etc and still mastering music today. I got into dj-ing in the late 80’s and being a regular at the Wag club, I was influenced by dj’s Steve Proctor and Paul Trouble Anderson, so i just had to progress in that direction after hearing their music. I played back in the day clubs such as the Gass club, Koo klub, Room 15 at Tottenham court road, and various one off spots all over the place to present day now. I was spoilt with having the privilege to be able to sit in the studio with the Late Great Paul Trouble Anderson doing his Saturday night show on Kiss fm., and that’s where I learnt a lot, and now with 32 years under my belt, i still love it and I’m still learning. So join me Saturday nights 8.00-10pm, when I will be playing my music, mixed my way for you. Saturday night, party night.

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