JD’s Vinyl Emporium

Friday | 10:00 - 12:00

Thank God it’s Friday, because that’s when JD puts the needle down let’s us into his Vinyl Emporium! Playing all vinyl, all the time, JD brings rare & Northern soul, vintage R&B, mod jazz, boogaloo and more to the airwaves. One of the old-school mods, JD knows the songs to get us dancing and grooving into the weekend. Put on your sharpest suit, shine your best shoes, and make sure you’re looking class when you come dancing into the Emporium. It’s a show no proper mod can miss!

About JD

An “Original Modernist,” JD began spinning records at church youth clubs in South East London. Racking up experience as a professional jazz and soul music promotor, he later founded the Jazz Café. His professional career began when he met too many DJs who thought they were worth more than the people who made the music they'd play. He currently runs and DJs at two London clubs: The Shakeup in South London and Steppin’ Out in North London. He's a regular on the mixers at rare soul clubs throughout London.

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