DJ Maharishi Hi-Fi

Musical Fever

Sunday | 18:00 - 20:00

Coming live and direct every week, Musical Fever is designed to make you feel fine with a cutting edge, across-the-board selection of the best in authentic original vintage Binghi, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Doo-Wop, Latin and Ska, as well as Roots Rock Reggae as inspired by JA/Sound System styles. Presented in what is known as the ‘Rice & Peas’ format - the music is dropped in a relaxed and chilled ‘Sunday Souvenir’ style. It’s a weekly dose of meditation to raise the vibration and strengthen the constitution, and in the spirit of participation and collaboration the show also regularly features the best selectors and collectors from various scenes. So turn on, tune in, and drop out for a couple of hours and link up with an outernational crew of like-minded listeners spread across all four corners of the globe - joined together in love and unity through a higher-level appreciation of timeless music!

About Maharishi Hi-fi

As a life-long enthusiast, Maharishi Hi-Fi has always joined the musical dots as he collects and connects the best tracks from vintage Jamaica and beyond. From stone-cold classics to under-played obscurities the only qualification for the play list is musical integrity. ‘Musical Fever’ began life as a live promotion which brought world-class selectors from around the UK and abroad to play alongside each other in the classical Jamaican ‘Sound-Clash’ format to great acclaim, and with his roots in the Reggae Revival scene he is well adept at knowing just what to play and how to play it. With strong links to vintage artists, promoters and record-labels as well as other Vintage Reggae DJ’s around the world, he is well known on the scene and has accordingly played out multiple times in Europe. So watch how he flies high, taking you on a rootical journey through Reggae, Soul, Jazz and vintage Rhythm and Blues.

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