DJ Old School Pea

Sweet Beats Radio show

Sunday | 14:00 - 16:00

This show covers all genres of music right across the board from lovers rock, soul, funk, reggae, and your host's true love, vocal and soulful house. DJ OSP the will provide warmth to your heart, comfort to your soul and motivation to your life...and of course your pleasure to your ears.

About DJ Old School Pea

A self taught DJ, Old School Pea's inspiration and love of music came from his father whose records he used to borrow and still plays to this day. After buying all the necessary gear, DJ OSP started small and gradually began playing in all the local pubs and clubs before landing a show on UnknownFM which he held for 6 years. His success gave him further encouragement to pursue other venues around London, including the Pasha Egg Club, Turnmills, Koko and many more.

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