Dr Mr. H

The Advanced Mix Show

Thursday | 20:00 - 22:00

It may be drive time but by the time you get home it's going to feel like Friday. This is not a hand-on-the-headphones-and-finger-pointing-to-the-crowd show––it's advanced dance mixing as only Mr H can!

About DJ Mr. H

Music has always been in Mr. H's blood, playing instruments such as guitar, keys and drums before progressing into DJing. He even ran his own record pressing plant, creating vinyl for artist such as Joey Negro. In the late late 80’s Mr. H became a regular at the Wag club and influenced by Steve Proctor and Paul Trouble Anderson he progressed to mastering house music. Past appearances include clubs such as the Gass, Koo klub, Room 15 at Tottenham Court Road and studio time with Paul Trouble Anderson on Kiss FM. With 27 years under his belt, music still grips him as tightly as those early days on the scene.

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