The Cool And Deadly Show

Tuesday | 14:00 - 16:00

First & Third & Fifth Sunday | 12:00 - 14:00

Musical Niceness on a Sunday Afternoon Various Flava's from Revival Soul to Classic Hip-Hop with a Little seasoning of Reggae throwing it down the only way he knows How! Come join me as I take you on a musical Journey.

About Mic Controller Mark (MCM)

My Name is Mark Layman AKA MCM, I Was The Frontman for British Hip Hop Act "CAVEMAN", Signed With Profile Records in "1990", The Group Was the 1st English Rap Outfit to be Signed to American Major Label Had Some Minor Hits With Singles "I,m Ready" And "Fry you like Fish" Followed By Two Long Players, Positive Reaction "1991" And The Whole Nine Yards and Then Some "1992". Been A Vintage Vinyl Collector For A Number Of Years, And Been Djing for about 10. My Show Will Consist of Ecclectic Jazz Selections, Soul ,Funk Reggae And of Course Boom Bap Hip Hop Classics. A Mixed Bag of Edutainment, Musical Melodica,And Laughter!

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