DJ Scott Turner

South Road Cellar

It’s not your usual breakfast show! In the South Road Cellar, underground rarities and new vibes subtly crisscross with different genres to create guaranteed deepness for the listener’s pleasure! Spinning exclusively vinyl, Scott brings jazz, spiritual, jazz fusion, soul, and deep house into the mix with splashes of disco, funk, Afro, and Latin. The best way to start your day!

About Scott Turner

The obsession began when Scott Turner’s uncle gave him a pile of soul and jazz 45s in the early 80s. Electro and old-school hip-hop led him into digging for breaks whilst buying slabs of soul, jazz, Chicago/Detroit house, and techno at various top record stores including Groove, Bluebird’s, Red’s, Hitman, Quaff, Blackmarket, and Soul Sense. When the rave/free party scene kicked off, Scott and his friends started a sound system, playing squats, warehouses and outdoor parties. He began radio duties at a one-off appearance on Luton’s Pressure FM in 1991, followed soon in the early-to-mid 90s by shows on Frequency FM, Destiny FM Bedford, Impact FM Stevenage and in 2007 on Future FM Brighton. Over the years, Scott has spun alongside Snowboy, Keb Darge, Andy Smith, Atjazz, and Phil Asher.

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