SPUN DJs Cem and Heath

The Spun Radio Show

Connecting the dots between underground disco and house, Spun Radio takes dance music to a whole new level on Fridays at midnight. Cem and Heath spin deep cuts and new mixes, bringing on guest DJs from the US to serve up the best beats in the house. All vinyl, all the time, this is the show to get you on your feet!

About Cem

Cem has been DJing since the 90’s playing house and disco at various underground parties in London and is no stranger to the current disco revival, as he has been a collector of vintage disco since it was very cheap and there was no such thing as the internet. It was his love affair with Chicago house music and inspired moments of clubbing to the greats such as Frankie Knuckles, Danny Krivit, and Derrick May, all of which took him along his musical path and have inspired him to bring a certain sound to London.

About Heath

Jamie Heath has been spinning and collecting underground music since the 90s, after his first visit to the legendary south coast club Tonic got him hooked on the true house sound. A passionate lover of vinyl, he's amassed a varied collection of underground house and disco which he puts to use at various parties around London alongside his trusty ARS rotary mixer.

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