DJ Tom Funk

Tuesday Stew

Tuesday | 19:00 - 21:00

What's for dinner? Tuesday Stew is a musical feast with a variety of flavours reflecting Mr. Funk’s broad tapestry of musical interests. This dish is dish chock-full tasty delights that will keep you coming back for another serving!

About Tom Funk

DJ, musician, and producer Tom Funk has his musical roots in playing keyboards and production. Beginning with the organ when he was eight, he began making music on a Technics GN9 at the youthful age of 12. Tom has built up a vast portfolio of music ranging from hip hop to jazz, all the way through to electronic and experimental, even rock and reggae. Tom’s love affair with all things funky began with exposure to the records his elder siblings grew up on, instantly developing an admiration for the funk, soul, R&B, and electro/hip-hop of the 70s and 80s and later on electronic dance music, jungle/D&B, house and classic 90s Hip Hop. He now runs a full-fledged recording studio that serves as the hub of his homegrown London-based label, Lazy Robot Records and plays at various venues alongside Back2Back FM colleagues Dan Tenor-City, DJ Mastakut, and Kylson Evans, including regular monthly appearances at London’s Spritland, Merchant's Tavern and Brilliant Corners.

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